Schedule a Full Backup of MOSS with STSADM

You know that you can take a full backup using stsadm. With this knowledge you can also easily schedule this commandline in the Scheduled task as follows:

  • Open Windows Scheduler (Start-> all Programs -> Accessories -> System tools -> Scheduled tasks)

  • Click File -> New -> Scheduled Task

  • Enter a Name for this task, e.g. Backup SharePoint

  • Double click on the hnew Task to edit.

  • in the Run Text box enter: stsadm -o backup directory \\server2\backup -backupmethod full -quiet

  • in the start In textbox specify: C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\web server extensions\12\BIN

  • Switch to the Schedule tab and specify when this task should start

  • Click OK to save and close the task. Then Test it

4 thoughts on “Schedule a Full Backup of MOSS with STSADM

  1. Correction:

    stsadm -o backup -directory \\server2\backup -backupmethod full -quiet

    (note the missing “-” before the directory parameter).

    Thanks for this though!

  2. 1)I have web apllications running on sharepoint server 2007.However when some users open a document library with windows explorer for adding multiple documents it showing error “Can not copy file exists” but actually the file does not exists there.

    2)for other user it is not displaying the added material in the document library.

    please help me…..
    u can also mail me at [email protected]

  3. I’ve follow the same procedure in windows 2008 server environment.But it was not sucessful.Can you tell me how to schedule with server 2008.

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