Support for MOSS 2007 on VMWare

You probably all know by now that you can get support from Microsoft for a lot of their products running on top of a VMWare environment if you have a Premier Support contract with Microsoft. I was visiting Microsoft yesterday where I got the official statement that MOSS 2007 is one of the exceptions to that rule.

You read it right: Microsoft will not offer any support at all if any part of your MOSS 2007 environment is running on VMWare ! You will be asked to reproduce the problem on separet hardware not running ESX in any case.

So if any of you are planning and designing MOSS 2007 environments using VMWare ESX Server, I suggest to check with your Microsoft contacts to ask for this official statement regarding support.

Be warned!

4 thoughts on “Support for MOSS 2007 on VMWare

  1. Ok. I had a comment here from Jeana Lawrence asking me where I read this information on MS’ site.

    Well i din’t actually read this information on their site. I got this information from our Technical Account Manager from Microsoft directly during one of our meetings.

  2. I call MS on muliple occasions and always received support and were a VMWARE shop… that being said we do have an Enterprise License Agreement with them also.

  3. What a TAM says and what is official policy are often two different things. I have quite a few clients that run MOSS 2007 in VI 3 and they have no problems when they call MS for support. Now, most of my clients also do not start the conversation by saying ‘I’m running Sharepoint in a VMware ESX VM which is running Windows 2008…’

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