Some facts you need to be aware of when planning/implementing MOSS

These facts come right out of my first session at TechEd IT Forum in Barcelona. I was in the following sessions when I wrote down these notes:

OFF07-IS From Day #1 to Launch  End-to-End Design   Architecture for a SharePoint Server 2007 Solution.

You can find the slides attached to this post [;)].

  1.  Licensing: You will need Enterprise CAL ‘s if your users are using Excel Services, Business Data Search, E-Forms and Data Management Reporting.

  2. SSP Planning: Best practice: use only 1 SSP !

  3. SSP Planning: you should never plan your SSP’s to span multiple geographical locations connected over a WAN.

  4. Search & Indexing: you can only have 1 index server per SSP which can handle about 15 million documents. If you need to index more documents, you will have to create more SSP’s.

  5. Query servers have a copy of the index. Queries do not get passed to the index servers as some people may think. If the index server is down, queries will still work, but the index file on you WebFE servers will no longer be updates as long as the index server is offline.

  6. Server Lockdown: do not use IIS lockdown for locking down your SharePoint servers.Instead use the SharePoint lockdown tool. I don’t know if it is available yet. If not, you can always turn to Joel Oleson’s page about locking down your SharePoint environmnet @

 So that’s it for my first session

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