Administering Microsoft SharePoint Products and Technologies 2007 Using STSADM

Finally, the last session of the day with Todd Klindt showing his magic with stsadm, the command-line administration tool for SharePoint.

The slides?  You guessed it, attached to this post as usual [8-|]

My notes during the session:

  • Template picker: ever wanted to have your users select the website template themselves the first time they connect to the site collection? Well you can. All you need to do is create the site collection using stsadm without specifying a template. This way the first time you connect to the site collection you will get the same dialog you get for creating a new site, allowing you to specify a site template.

  • Site Delete Capture tool: captures sites to disk before they are deleted from the Content Database

  • Always restore sites into a empty site. The restore operation does not overwrite content already present in the site, causing duplicate entries, etc.

  • when exporting sites, the files are actually CAB files. So, rename them to cab files and you can simply double-click the file to open it and view / export data directly

And now for Todd’s famous ‘Grand Finale’: move a site collection from one contentdb to another contentdb in a single command:

stsadm -o mergecontentdbs  -> this new command was snuk in in one of the last hotfixes by Microsoft and allows you move a site collection to a different contentdb.

Explore it and test – test  – test !

There is another great article out there: powerful command line administration for SharePoint @

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