Become a MOSS Guru

another one of the great sessions at TechEd presented by Joel Oleson, Shane Young and Todd Klindt.

Again, the slides are attached to this post.

What I remembered of this session and what you also should remember:

  1. Installation: never, never, never, really never choose Basic installation. Go for Advanced and select complete installation.

  2. Think about SQL mirroring.

    • high performance (great for geographically separated SQL boxes over a WAN)

    • high availibility: replication between 2 SQL boxes and 1 witness server ( -> this can be a free SQL Express box!)

  3. Find the grade of customisation to your environment by looking at the foreign DLL file references in the web.config file

  4. App Pool Settings:

    • increase the startup limit

    • disable auto rapid fail.

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