MOSS Capacity planning -> some usefull tips

These bits and pieces come right out of the OFF305_Capacity and Performance Planning for Microsoft SharePoint Products and Technologies 2007 session at TechEd.

slides are attached. 

  • Farms: do not split up WebFE servers across WAN’s. Keep all servers part of the same farm together

  • concurrency planning: on average take about 10% of your total number of users for calculating the concurrency planning. However, plan for peak concurrency as well, which is usually about 5 times the normal usage

  • 64-bit Hardware:

    • MOSS 2007 is tha last 32-bit SharePoint product. So if you are planning you renvironment, choose to install the 64-bit version now

    • 64-bit Hardware prioritization: SQL -> Index -> Excel -> Search -> WebFE

    • you cannot mix 64-bit / 32-bit Hardware in the same role.

  • Typical HW/role scenario:  (will support easily 25K users)

    • 2 WebFE servers with Query server role

    • 1 application server with index role

    • 1 clustered SQL Server (2 HW server)

  • Network: always use Gbit NIC’s between the MOSS servers !

  • Disk Space:

    • plan 1.2 to 1.5 times the File System size for your SQL database size for files that you plan to store in MOSS

    • index: ~ 10% of total content size

    • query: 2 times the index size

  • Performance testing: Use Visual Studio Team System Test Edition (VSTT)


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