User Comments and Ratings web parts are now Free!

hi all,

I have been playing around with this small collection of webparts in its beta phase, but was not quite ready to install this on my production servers because I didn’t know what it would eventually cost. It’s always tricky to give your users some cool webparts when you know that when you have to start to pay for it, you will probably be asked by your boss to remove them from your servers.

Great was my surprise to see that the creators of these webparts have made them available for FREE!

So, if you can, download and install these webparts.

You can learn all about them on the following site:

direct download link:

Installation is really easy.  Download the package, unzip, and run the install.cmd file.  You’ll be prompted for the URL to your SharePoint 2007 site.  Once installed, two web parts are added to SharePoint’s web part gallery.


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