Assigning more than 2 site collection administrators

I found this trivial tip on Itay Shakury’s blog and I must admit that I have been asked this question many times too and always have to think twice before I remember how to do it.

So that’s way this is posted here as well [:D]

SharePoint Central Administration’s has a page that allows you to select site collection administrator, you are prompted to specify a site collection administrator, and optionally a secondary administrator.

assign SC admin 

But there is no reason why you won’t have more than tow administrators for a site collection.
Go to the site collection settings page, and click on Site collection administrators. (or open the following page: http://YourSite/_layouts/mngsiteadmin.aspx)


Now add as many users as you wish, separated with semicolons.


One thought on “Assigning more than 2 site collection administrators

  1. when I open select people popup, I cannot find the person I am trying to add to site collection admin. I can see this person on a different site collection admin page in the same farm

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