SharePoint Sushi

No, you cannot eat it and it does not come from the sea!

When browsing through the projects on Codeplex, I stumbled upon this nice tool called SharePoint Sushi. I gave it a spin and it looks quite promising.

You can find it @

SUSHI is a powerful, user-friendly SharePoint application enabling you to accomplish common SharePoint administrative and development tasks.
What does the name SUSHI stand for?
SUSHI = SharePoint Utility with a Smart, Helpful Interface

SUSHI Features

  • Copy View Copy a view from one SharePoint list to another.
  • Security Reports View all sites and lists a user has access to.
  • Import Documents Upload entire file structures from a file share into a document library.
  • Meta Data Get detailed information about metadata in a list. Move metadata from one column to another for all items in a list. And more.
  • Backup Backup a site.
  • Restore Restore site from backup.
  • Profile Images Import Upload Profile Images and Apply them to User Profiles.
  • Delete Old Documents Delete documents older than a given date. This feature can also be used to copy all files and folders of a document library to a file share.
  • Bulk Site Creation Create a large number of subsites based on a site template.
  • Bulk Webpart Customization If you have lots of sites with the same webpart(s) and want to make changes to all of them, this tool can help you customize all the webparts at once.
  • Help & Settings We said SUSHI was helpful, here is the proof.
  • Send a Test Email

SUSHI was built and is maintained by Joseph Fluckiger, Senior SharePoint Consultant at Catapult Systems

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