stsadm -o enumusers explained – update

I came across some odd behaviour with the stsadm -o enumusers command. As it seems it does not enumerate the users of a site collection as expected. After doing some research I found a white paper from the guys of Mindsharp explaining this function as follows:

stsadm.exe -o enumusers -url <url> displays dead users, which is defined as users who no longer have a user account listed in the SharePoint profile database, but is still displayed in the site’s membership. For example, dead users can include users who have left an organization and have been removed from Active Directory. This parameter works on a site-x-site basis. the Enumusers command may also return the system Account (SHAREPOINT\system) shich is not a valid AD user”

The complete white paper about managing SharePoint using stsadm can be found here

I thought some of you would want to know about this.

As mentionned by Chris as a comment to this post,

“enumusers lists users on your site that have explicit permission levels set.  You will see these users listed on the permissions page (_layous/user.aspx), with their specific user permission level.” (

I must say, that I will agree with Chris’ explanation and therefore must assume that the guys from Mindsharp were and are not. Stranegly enough their whitepaper stating this is still online. 

Thanks Chris [:D]


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  1. Thanks, I was wondering about enumusers. Microsoft says it returns a list of users, I notice it only returns the system account. I will read the article you pointed to.

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