New SharePoint Admin and Management Tools by Joel Oleson

For those of you that are not subscribed to Joel’s blog (shame on you [H]).

This is one of a few Admin Tools that really help you batch changes.  This one appears to really be focused on batch changing site collections.  LOVE IT.  Thanks Zach, it’s about time 🙂  Just kidding.  I’m sure we’ll see more out of this Admin toolkit and we love what you’re doing so keep it up.


SharePoint Admin Toolkit


Batch Site Manager – Batch Locks, Moves, and Deletes for site collections in a nice GUI (100 at a time).


UpdateAlert – (STSADM extension) allows you to update alerts when your AAMs change (alternate access mappings or zones).


I looked at the white paper and highly recommend it for IT Pros.  Even if you don’t use the tool or don’t plan to, I was impressed by some good info on reference information on related STSADM commands with good resources related to the topics of Site Deletes, Moves, and Locks.  Move is very misunderstood.  This move is all about safely moving site collections between databases using timer jobs.  Very cool.  Don’t forget the commands that came in SP1 related to the STSADM command mergecontentdbs.  Good info there as well.  If you aren’t at that stage, it’s still a good reference… if you’re large you will eventually need to know this info.


Microsoft SAT SharePoint Cross Site Configurator 1.0 – For standardization and consistency of master pages, auditing, content types and more. What else do you want to use it for?


I love free tools, but sometimes you need to look for tools where you can even do more and get support.  Here’s some suggestions MOST of which are very NEW.  Even if you’ve looked, I suggest you look again at these released/supported tools.



DeliverPoint: Permissions is a new tool focused on user security and permissions in SharePoint.  It’s also a batch focused tool for making changes very pinpointed or in larger groups.  Moving, Deleting, Searching for User or Object permissions, and Cleanup/Dead Account Removal.  There’s a 14 day trial download.


AvePoint DocAve 4.5 SharePoint Administrator – Centralized multi farm administration of configuration.  “propagate configuration and security permissions to web applications, sites, folders, and lists in bulk, resulting in quicker time-to-value of each update.”  I got a demo of this from TJ in Dubai.  It was very impressive and I’d take a second look if you have or haven’t seen it.  There’s an eval copy on their site.


Quest Site Administrator – reporting on storage, usage, manage quotas and locks and enforce configuration and settings in “policies” in a centralized UI.  (Poorly named, it isn’t just site level managment it’s more farm wide management of sites.)


iDevFactory Universal SharePoint Manager – Centralized management UI exposing permissions, security, and easy console for managing settings and configuration.

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