Is your IIS Manager empty on your SharePoint servers?

Okay, this is maybe already known out there for quite a while, but I am putting this on my blog anyway.

You may experience that the IIS Manager console is empty when opening it up. This is because IIS has too many threads connected to it. Usually these threads are taken up by the Timer service. An easy workaround for this issue is to simply execute iisreset.exe. After the reset you can open up IIS Manager again.

Additionaly, when this problem is occuring, you may find the following events in the Applications log:

– Event ID 6398
– Event ID 6482
– Event ID 7076

A definite fix to this issue can be found by installing the hotfix as described in KB946517

One thought on “Is your IIS Manager empty on your SharePoint servers?

  1. I realize this is an old post, but I had to leave a comment. My boss came into the office panicked because IIS Manager on our SharePoint server wasn’t displaying any information. Clearly this meant we had to start looking at replacing the server, migrating this and that, backups, restores, disaster recovery, all hands on deck!

    A quick Google search led me to your posting here. I ran the iisreset.exe, and whudda ya know – crisis averted. Thanks!

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