Modify the visible Groups in the quick launch on the People and Groups page

Learned something new today, hoeray [;)]

Do the groups that you never use (Hierarchy Managers, Style Resource Reader, Designers etc)  and that show up on the quick launch on the People and Groups page bother you as well? Is it not much nicer to only see the groups you need and also keep it much simpler for your site owners?

Well, apparently you can edit the groups you want to see in that quick launch section by navigating through the Settings of any SharePoint group and selecting “Edit Group Quick Launch“.

When you select this option, you are presented with a text box, that allows you to remove or add any SharePoint group that should appear in the Quick Launch of the People and Groups page. You will usually only want to show the site’s Visitors, Members and Owners group, right? So only leave those ones in there and delete the rest of them. Remember that you can always find the groups by selecting the More… option in the quick launch afterwards.

For some reason I must have overlooked this default option …. Who has time to run through all the menus anyway? [:P]

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