Save Adobe Acrobat documents to SharePoint using Save As… directly in Adobe

Ever wanted to save your documents directly into a SharePoint document library as you would for saving the document to a local folder or network share from within your Acrobat software? Well apparently, when you try to save a newly created pdf file, you cannot browse to a SharePoint site.

The Adobe website does offer you a solution to do that exactly. They allow you to install a free DMS Integration Plug-in for Acrobat from Omtool, called the SwiftWriter Plugin for Adobe

This plugin will give you the following option in Acrobat:

I just went through the Adobe website for the new Adobe Acrobat 9 Family products and there is some mentionning of built-in SharePoint integration into the new versions. I downloaded a trial to check this out, but the new version still will not enable you to save directly to SharePoint without the plugin.

What it does allo you to do is use a SharePoint Workspace for reviewing comments:

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