Display SQL Data on a SharePoint site

Had this question today from my good friend Cedric. He needed a way to display non-SharePoint SQL data on a SharePoint site. Well, looking around on the net I found these options:

A. You can off course use the built-in Business Data catalog for this, which may be a little bit of overkill if all you want to do is display a simple table.


B. You can buy a SQL Data Viewer Web Part:

Bamboo solutions has one: http://store.bamboosolutions.com/pc-71-1-data-viewer-web-part.aspx  (500$ / server licence)


Lightning Tools has one: http://www.lightningtools.com/pages/lt%20data%20viewer%20web%20part.aspx (400$ / web frontend server)


C. You can or develop you own data viewer web part using this post:


D. You can use the Data View Web part in SharePoint Designer:

This web part is configured with SharePoint Designer. It can use a wide range of data sources including XML files, web services, SQL and Oracle databases and SharePoint list/library content. The rendering is XSLT driven with SharePoint Designer providing a drag-and-drop interface to generate the XSL.



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