Download zipped list items – codeplex project by Marijn Somers

My colleague Marijn Somers showed me this tool some while ago already and I thought I’d post this on my blog as well as it is quite usefull


This is what Marijn posted originally on his blog and can also be found here:


 Mohamed Zaki has created a great Codexplex project:Sharepoint Download Zipped List Items

What it does is create an extra button on your “Actions” menu in your libraries, where you can choose to zip documents in this library:
– zip all items
– zip all items with versions
– zip all items in current view
– zip all items in current view with version

Just tested it out and it works great! Versions of documents are just placed with an (X.x) tag in the name.

I do think this one is really useful!
Few comments though:
– it also appears on lists..where you cant zip anything..
– the icon also doesn’t look very good..kinda pixelated..

I believe that if you are using SharePoint to put documents on (as a collaboration environment), you should install this! It adds a lot of functionality to your platform.



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