Tim Dobrinski’s SharePoint Space Monitor

While searching through the Technet SharePoint forum, I stumbled upon a post/question regarding how to find out how much data your subsites are using. I remember from the SPS 2003 days that there was a aspx page that would show this ( _layouts/storman.aspx), which actually still exists in MOSS, but is accessible ony if you have a storage quota defined on the site collection (maybe it was also the case already in SPS, but I am not sure). It is accessible though the Site Settings page listed as a link called storage space allocation

Well, Tom Dobrinski developped a tool that allows you to get this information regardless of the fact if storage quotas are enabled or not. Even more he has made it available free of charge, but you are kindly suggested to make a small donation (5$) to get a everlasting key for the tool. Otherwise you will have to drop Tim a mail requesting a key every 4 months or so…

Go check his blog for the tool called the SharePoint Space Monitor if you think it might be usefull to you.

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