STSADM has survived in SharePoint 2010

I am going through some of the SharePoint Conference 2009 Videos I recently got from a colleague of mine that was lucky enough to be there, and I am pleased to have learned that STSADM will not be gone in SharePoint 2010. Simon Skaria confirmed this in his IT Pro Overview session.

Great. Now I don’t need to look for a new subtitle for my blog. [:D]

But I Simon Skaria also encourages everyone to move on to Powershell because of its auto-complete capabilities.

6 thoughts on “STSADM has survived in SharePoint 2010

  1. but stsadm seems to be very limited and MS on every presentation didnt forget to tell us how we should get used to powershel as it is the best .. blabla.. you can imagine..
    i think 2010 is the last MOSS with this tool..

    What about: Admins in hell use powershell 🙂

  2. “real admins use stsadm, but admins from hell use powershell”

    HAHAHAHAA! This is, by far!!!, the best tagline in the microcosmos of SharePoint! I’m loving it :)))

    This is my first visit here, I’m just starting with SP2010, but I think I’ll be visiting often 🙂

    PS: stsadm was great in the 2007 version. It’s great that they kept it in 2010 but I too think that MS is pushing towards extensive use of Powershell. I’ve no clue about it but, we can always learn 🙂

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