SharePoint 2010 Knowledgde articles

So you took the step of installing your first SharePoint 2010 server or farm. You install the server, but not everything goes smoothly or doesn’t work as expected. What’s next? Well, a good place to start is to use the knowledge base that Microsoft tools use, such as the System Center Operations Center (SCOM) Knowledge articles. These are the articles that typically show up in SCOM, provided that you have installed the SharePoint 2010 Management pack,  if it has encountered an error on your SharePoint installation or farm.

The knowledge articles can be found at

Thanks to Neil Hodgkinson (@Nellymo) for providing this tip and link on Twitter

SP2010 Create site without template

I often let my users decide which site template they want to use for their new site collection. In SharePoint 2007 i did this by creating a site collection using stsadm without specifying a site template. this caused the first user to have to select the site template to use. There was no possibility to create a site collection without specifying a site template through central admin.

Now in SP2010, the possibilty to not specify a site template has been built in to Central Admin. When creating a new site through Central Admin, notice that there is now an entry in the Custom tab, called ‘ < Select Template Later … >

Now when your user hits his/her new site collection, he/she will get redirected to the templatepick.aspx page and has to pick a site template.

SharePoint 2010 Multi Tenancy

SharePoint 2010 allows you to host multiple tenants or customers in a Hosting Mode. This is exremely interesting if you are thinking of your SharePoint environment as an infrastructure hosting platform for all your customers. Customers being either external customers or even internal divisions, departments for which you would like to define separate services. Multi Tenancy also provides more information with regards to chargeback to your customers. Furthermore you get a tenant administration website that you can delegate to your customer for allowing him/her to create new site collections assigned to him/her s a tenant.

I have seen a demo yesterday by Spencer Harbar at #spevo for enabling multi tenancy. It requiores a lot of Powershell scripting, but while researching this topic on the web, I stumbled upon a series of blog posts by Steve Pechka that nicely describe the steps for setting this up:

Find them here:


SharePoint 2010 RTM bits available on Monday April 26th?

I just heard Mike Watson say in his SharePoint IronMan session at #spevo that the RTM bits for SharePoint 2010 will most probably be available on MSDN and Technet as of Monday April 26th.

Let’s hope he is right so we can start downloading, installing, upgrading, … (Hmm, can we upgrade from Beta to RTM? Will need to check this[8-|] ). Anyway sounds like next week is going to be a busy week….

SharePoint Server 2010 capacity management: software boundaries and limits

in a Mike Watson session yesterday at the SharePoint Evolution Conference (#spevo at Twitter), Mike mentionned this new document published by Microsoft recently, specifying the software boundaries and limits to take into account when plaaning your SharePoint 2010 infrastructure.

His slides included the following interesting table showing the capacity guidance differences between 2007 and 2010:

Higher capacity guidance



Content DB Size

100 GB

200 GB

File Size

2 GB

2 GB

DB’s per webapp



Site collection size

100 GB

100 GB

List items per view



Get the full document at

An interesting figure I was wondereing about was the maximum number of web applications per WFE for which the guidance document now specifies a maximum of 10 Application Pools per WFE. For 2007, I have always been told to not exceed 8 web applications / application pools, which makes the new guidance for 2010 not much better. If you are hosting a lot of web applications on a single farm, then planning the application pools will be a major step in the planning process.


On my way to #SPEVO

While waiting for the Eurostar to start heading for London to the SharePoint Evolution Conference 2010, I could not stop thinking about the hundreds or thousands of people trying to get to London as well to attend. I must say that now that planes have been cancelled and the only available transports left are trains, cars and boats, planning your travels is becoming quita a challenge.

Well, I hope you all get there and we can meet up at the SharePint (

I am certainly ready to learn a lot more about SharePoint 2010 and London Partying 🙂