SharePoint 2010 Multi Tenancy

SharePoint 2010 allows you to host multiple tenants or customers in a Hosting Mode. This is exremely interesting if you are thinking of your SharePoint environment as an infrastructure hosting platform for all your customers. Customers being either external customers or even internal divisions, departments for which you would like to define separate services. Multi Tenancy also provides more information with regards to chargeback to your customers. Furthermore you get a tenant administration website that you can delegate to your customer for allowing him/her to create new site collections assigned to him/her s a tenant.

I have seen a demo yesterday by Spencer Harbar at #spevo for enabling multi tenancy. It requiores a lot of Powershell scripting, but while researching this topic on the web, I stumbled upon a series of blog posts by Steve Pechka that nicely describe the steps for setting this up:

Find them here:


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