SharePoint Server 2010 capacity management: software boundaries and limits

in a Mike Watson session yesterday at the SharePoint Evolution Conference (#spevo at Twitter), Mike mentionned this new document published by Microsoft recently, specifying the software boundaries and limits to take into account when plaaning your SharePoint 2010 infrastructure.

His slides included the following interesting table showing the capacity guidance differences between 2007 and 2010:

Higher capacity guidance



Content DB Size

100 GB

200 GB

File Size

2 GB

2 GB

DB’s per webapp



Site collection size

100 GB

100 GB

List items per view



Get the full document at

An interesting figure I was wondereing about was the maximum number of web applications per WFE for which the guidance document now specifies a maximum of 10 Application Pools per WFE. For 2007, I have always been told to not exceed 8 web applications / application pools, which makes the new guidance for 2010 not much better. If you are hosting a lot of web applications on a single farm, then planning the application pools will be a major step in the planning process.


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