Fixing the Usage and Health Data Collection Service Application Proxy (By Tristan Watkins)

Unfortunately in every farm that I have provisioned so far using powershell I keep running into this issue that the Usage and Health Data Collection Service Application Proxy is set to Stopped.

The fix that Tristan Watkins describes on his blog here fixes just that.


#Run Get-SPServiceApplicationProxy to enumerate the IDs of all the Service Application Proxies in your farm.
DisplayName          TypeName             Id
-----------          --------             --
State Service App... State Service Proxy  e51696f1-3523-4e20-9b75-578485024b37
Managed Metadata ... Managed Metadata ... 830bafcf-f0d3-4254-91e4-8cfe11840e27
Search Service Ap... Search Service Ap... a988d821-8247-4294-ba11-961b22e51f8b
Application Disco... Application Disco... af617d69-7332-49f3-a61c-0eef3f7470cf
Excel Services Ap... Excel Services Ap... b6c5b951-7b4d-4837-83f3-c916c1ef6c7d
WSS_UsageApplication Usage and Health ... 83301455-c854-4596-af5c-0bc6ee963b6d

#Copy the ID for the WSS_UsageApplication.
$UP = Get-SPServiceApplicationProxy | where {$_.ID -eq "PASTE ID HERE"}

If you refresh the Manage Service Application page the proxy should be started now.

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