Beware of /bin/ is SP2010 Url’s

Came across troubleshooting an issue with a site collection with the name bin. This site collection had a url like http://portal/sites/bin, making the default homepage http://portal/sites/bin/default.aspx. For some reason the site did not render and I got a HTTP 404 error. After analysis of the ULS logs not showing any trace of the request and the analysis of the IIS logs, I wnet looking for an answer on the interwebz. Stumbled upon the following article from Russ Michaels :

As it appears IIS 7 blocks access to urls where /bin/ is present in the Url.

The solution to this problem is to rename the site collection or remove the exception in the web.config of your web application as suggested by Russ.

I prefer the web.config approach on the web application level by adding the following section:

<?xml version="1.0"?>  
      <remove segment="bin" />  

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