Application version numbers by Andrew Connell

While I am at it [8-|] 

Found this in this article on the blog of Andrew Connell: .NET Framework 

v 1.0 1.0.3705
v 1.1 1.1.4322
v 2.0 2.0.50727

SQL Server (v7-present)

v 7 RTM 7.00.623
v 7 SP1 7.00.699
v 7 SP2 7.00.842
v 7 SP3 7.00.961
v 7 SP4 7.00.1063
v 2000 RTM 8.00.194
v 2000 SP1 8.00.384
v 2000 SP2 8.00.532
v 2000 SP3/3a 8.00.760
v 2000 SP4 8.00.2039
v 2005 9.00.1399
v 2005 SP1 9.00.2047
v 2005 SP1 + KB918222 9.00.2153
v 2005 SP2 9.00.3042

Content Management Server (MCMS)

v 2001 RTM 4.1.942.0
v 2001 SP1 4.1.942.100
v 2001 SRP1* 4.1.942.308
v 2001 SRP2* 4.1.1106.0
v 2002 RTM 5.0.1581.0
v 2002 SP1 5.0.2284.0
v 2002 SP1a 5.0.4484.0
v 2002 SP2 5.0.5054.0

SharePoint v2 (WSS v2 & SPS 2003)

WSS v2 SP1
WSS v2 SP1 + KB887981
WSS v2 SP2
WSS v2 post SP2 rollup (KB900929) 11.0.8000.0
SPS 2003 RTM 11.0.5704.0
SPS 2003 SP1 11.0.6715.0
SPS 2003 SP2 11.0.8126.0
SPS 2003 post SP2 rollup (KB897722) 11.0.8126.2

SharePoint v3 (WSS v3 & MOSS 2007) **

WSS v3 & MOSS 2007 RTM
WSS v3 & MOSS 2007 SP1
WSS v3 & MOSS 2007 Infrastructure Updates
WSS v3 & MOSS 2007 August 2008 Cumulative Rollup
WSS v3 & MOSS 2007 October 2008 Cumulative Rollup

Be sure to check Spencer Harbar’s killer Post SP1 page with links to all the hotfixes and version numbers… more than I have here.  
* SRP = Security Rollup Package
** – SharePoint v3’s architecture is such that MOSS is treated more or less like a feature pack, thus the underlying versions are the same between WSS v3 & MOSS 2007

Download zipped list items – codeplex project by Marijn Somers

My colleague Marijn Somers showed me this tool some while ago already and I thought I’d post this on my blog as well as it is quite usefull


This is what Marijn posted originally on his blog and can also be found here:


 Mohamed Zaki has created a great Codexplex project:Sharepoint Download Zipped List Items

What it does is create an extra button on your “Actions” menu in your libraries, where you can choose to zip documents in this library:
– zip all items
– zip all items with versions
– zip all items in current view
– zip all items in current view with version

Just tested it out and it works great! Versions of documents are just placed with an (X.x) tag in the name.

I do think this one is really useful!
Few comments though:
– it also appears on lists..where you cant zip anything..
– the icon also doesn’t look very good..kinda pixelated..

I believe that if you are using SharePoint to put documents on (as a collaboration environment), you should install this! It adds a lot of functionality to your platform.



Visio Stencils for SharePoint 2007 Site Structures documentation (by Maxime Bombardier and Mart Muller)

Please have a look at Maxime Bombardier’s Blog  on MSDN Blogs for his article on Visio Stencils for SharePoint 2007. You can download them directly from his blog and is a great addition if you are busy documenting SharePoint sites and structures. His stencil is for SharePoint objects such as sites, document libraries, site collections, surveys, etc. Maxime also has a link in his article for a stencil that with SharePoint Servers for documenting SharePoint architectures. This stencil can be found on the Blog of Mart Muller here

For your convenience I have downloaded the files to my blogsite here:

Of Course check the blogs of Maxime and Mart for updates [:D]

Save Adobe Acrobat documents to SharePoint using Save As… directly in Adobe

Ever wanted to save your documents directly into a SharePoint document library as you would for saving the document to a local folder or network share from within your Acrobat software? Well apparently, when you try to save a newly created pdf file, you cannot browse to a SharePoint site.

The Adobe website does offer you a solution to do that exactly. They allow you to install a free DMS Integration Plug-in for Acrobat from Omtool, called the SwiftWriter Plugin for Adobe

This plugin will give you the following option in Acrobat:

I just went through the Adobe website for the new Adobe Acrobat 9 Family products and there is some mentionning of built-in SharePoint integration into the new versions. I downloaded a trial to check this out, but the new version still will not enable you to save directly to SharePoint without the plugin.

What it does allo you to do is use a SharePoint Workspace for reviewing comments:

New SharePoint Admin and Management Tools by Joel Oleson

For those of you that are not subscribed to Joel’s blog (shame on you [H]).

This is one of a few Admin Tools that really help you batch changes.  This one appears to really be focused on batch changing site collections.  LOVE IT.  Thanks Zach, it’s about time 🙂  Just kidding.  I’m sure we’ll see more out of this Admin toolkit and we love what you’re doing so keep it up.


SharePoint Admin Toolkit


Batch Site Manager – Batch Locks, Moves, and Deletes for site collections in a nice GUI (100 at a time).


UpdateAlert – (STSADM extension) allows you to update alerts when your AAMs change (alternate access mappings or zones).


I looked at the white paper and highly recommend it for IT Pros.  Even if you don’t use the tool or don’t plan to, I was impressed by some good info on reference information on related STSADM commands with good resources related to the topics of Site Deletes, Moves, and Locks.  Move is very misunderstood.  This move is all about safely moving site collections between databases using timer jobs.  Very cool.  Don’t forget the commands that came in SP1 related to the STSADM command mergecontentdbs.  Good info there as well.  If you aren’t at that stage, it’s still a good reference… if you’re large you will eventually need to know this info.


Microsoft SAT SharePoint Cross Site Configurator 1.0 – For standardization and consistency of master pages, auditing, content types and more. What else do you want to use it for?


I love free tools, but sometimes you need to look for tools where you can even do more and get support.  Here’s some suggestions MOST of which are very NEW.  Even if you’ve looked, I suggest you look again at these released/supported tools.



DeliverPoint: Permissions is a new tool focused on user security and permissions in SharePoint.  It’s also a batch focused tool for making changes very pinpointed or in larger groups.  Moving, Deleting, Searching for User or Object permissions, and Cleanup/Dead Account Removal.  There’s a 14 day trial download.


AvePoint DocAve 4.5 SharePoint Administrator – Centralized multi farm administration of configuration.  “propagate configuration and security permissions to web applications, sites, folders, and lists in bulk, resulting in quicker time-to-value of each update.”  I got a demo of this from TJ in Dubai.  It was very impressive and I’d take a second look if you have or haven’t seen it.  There’s an eval copy on their site.


Quest Site Administrator – reporting on storage, usage, manage quotas and locks and enforce configuration and settings in “policies” in a centralized UI.  (Poorly named, it isn’t just site level managment it’s more farm wide management of sites.)


iDevFactory Universal SharePoint Manager – Centralized management UI exposing permissions, security, and easy console for managing settings and configuration.

TweakSP from CodePlex

Just wandering around my favorite blogs, when I came across an article describing this new tool at codeplex called TweakSP. I gave it a spin om my demo environment. Although the project is still in a start phase, the idea seams promising. You can download a wsp file that, when deployed, will add an extra tab to your Central Admin site.


Hopefully, they will add a lot more functionality as the project progresses.

It is definitely worth keeping an eye on this project. I know I will [H]


SharePoint Manager 2007

You definitely need this tool if you are even serious about using SharePoint.

You can find it @

The SharePoint Manager 2007 is a SharePoint object model explorer. It enables you to browse every site on the local farm and view every property. It also enables you to change the properties (at your own risk). This is a very powerfull tool for developers that like to know what the SharePoint holds of secrets.

As a Sharepoint Administrator I am using this tool for getting a lot of information out of the farm that is not quite visible in Central Admin.

One of the coolest things I did with it was setting a Site collection to read only by just setting a simple dropdown box to the value true and wham the site is readonly! Try it out yourself.

It is slow on loading howevr, probably due to the fact that it needs to collect all that information first. So be a little patient when loading. Also it is a single executable file that does not require any additionale software installed on your MOSS / WSS servers

SharePoint Sushi

No, you cannot eat it and it does not come from the sea!

When browsing through the projects on Codeplex, I stumbled upon this nice tool called SharePoint Sushi. I gave it a spin and it looks quite promising.

You can find it @

SUSHI is a powerful, user-friendly SharePoint application enabling you to accomplish common SharePoint administrative and development tasks.
What does the name SUSHI stand for?
SUSHI = SharePoint Utility with a Smart, Helpful Interface

SUSHI Features

  • Copy View Copy a view from one SharePoint list to another.
  • Security Reports View all sites and lists a user has access to.
  • Import Documents Upload entire file structures from a file share into a document library.
  • Meta Data Get detailed information about metadata in a list. Move metadata from one column to another for all items in a list. And more.
  • Backup Backup a site.
  • Restore Restore site from backup.
  • Profile Images Import Upload Profile Images and Apply them to User Profiles.
  • Delete Old Documents Delete documents older than a given date. This feature can also be used to copy all files and folders of a document library to a file share.
  • Bulk Site Creation Create a large number of subsites based on a site template.
  • Bulk Webpart Customization If you have lots of sites with the same webpart(s) and want to make changes to all of them, this tool can help you customize all the webparts at once.
  • Help & Settings We said SUSHI was helpful, here is the proof.
  • Send a Test Email

SUSHI was built and is maintained by Joseph Fluckiger, Senior SharePoint Consultant at Catapult Systems

User Comments and Ratings web parts are now Free!

hi all,

I have been playing around with this small collection of webparts in its beta phase, but was not quite ready to install this on my production servers because I didn’t know what it would eventually cost. It’s always tricky to give your users some cool webparts when you know that when you have to start to pay for it, you will probably be asked by your boss to remove them from your servers.

Great was my surprise to see that the creators of these webparts have made them available for FREE!

So, if you can, download and install these webparts.

You can learn all about them on the following site:

direct download link:

Installation is really easy.  Download the package, unzip, and run the install.cmd file.  You’ll be prompted for the URL to your SharePoint 2007 site.  Once installed, two web parts are added to SharePoint’s web part gallery.


Quickly deploy Application solutions in your WSS/MOSS environment

Tired of always being asked to install all those solutions from the Microsoft Download application Templates Pack onto your WSS or MOSS box?

Here’s how I do it:

First off all, if you have not yet installed the application core, you need to deploy this one first. For this I have a batch file with the following instructions

stsadm -o addsolution -filename ApplicationTemplateCore.wsp
stsadm -o deploysolution -name ApplicationTemplateCore.wsp -allowgacdeployment -immediate
stsadm -o copyappbincontent

For deploying all the solutions quickly, I use 2 batch files:

  • Deploysolution.bat

stsadm -o addsolution -filename %1
stsadm -o deploysolution -name %1 -allowgacdeployment -immediate

  • Deploy.bat

for /F %%i in (‘dir /b *.wsp’) do deploysolution.bat %%i

Now put these batch files in the folder containing all your solution files (.wsp) files and run deploy.bat. That’s it [:D]